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Our Story

Nine years ago in 2011, two young crazies who were nuts about food started working a little paella stall at Jozi’s top food markets by way of a weekend side hustle. Those crazies were us – Daniel and Clemmy Forsthofer. It didn’t take long to see the potential in the project, so we took the entrepreneurial plunge, quit our desk jobs and Tutto was official.

A few years ago...

We were known for our giant paella pans, extra long queues and “the Tutto yellow”, popping up all around town at markets, festivals and parties. During those nine years a lot of big things happened - we got married, grew our business, made some mistakes, started a food truck, sold a food truck, made some more mistakes, started our little side-brand Baba G, had an actual baba and had so many wonderful people become part of our story.

Now, in the midst of Covid-19 and the challenges it presents, we find ourselves once again taking the plunge into something new with the creation of our online store. For us, this is much more than a means to an end and speaks to our passion for sourcing quality food and ingredients, for supporting the small businesses we have come to know so well over the years and for eventually working towards a stronger sense of transparency in the food supply chain. We have been so happy for the opportunity to launch this new project and words cannot express our gratitude for the incredible support we have been shown by our family, friends, clients and complete strangers who all make up our customer base. 

We are working every day to try and improve what we are doing with this new (ad)venture and are excited to be providing a platform for small and speciality producers as well as everyday convenience for our customers. 

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and request that if you have any comments or suggestions, to speak now and never hold your peace! We are all about customer service, good quality products and moving forward into the future! We hope you’ll come with us on the journey.

P.S: If you didn’t already know, Tutto is the Italian word for “everything, everyone, whole”. With Italian heritage in our family it doesn’t get simpler than this: for us good food makes life whole!

Our Story